(some with slightly twisted answers)

It’s important to note that the weather dictates the sailing schedule.

I check the weather every day and make my decisions based on the information from multiple sources. If the weather is adverse we can reschedule the charter.

In the words of an old mariner “leaving the dock is optional, returning is mandatory”

A. No. Fishing charters have to pay $800.00 in license fees annually. Its easier to go to Publix.

A. Not yet! If you commit to go. I’ll have the boat ready. As odd as it may sound -- I haven’t been stood up yet.

A. Clothes would be a good start. This is not a formal outing. Wear what is most comfortable. This is an opportunity to leave those heels and hard soled shoes at home!

A. Sure. Because the neighbors may object if you brought theirs.

A. Only if you are on fire! And then we will promptly toss you overboard.

A. That’s easy! √32.82 X 1.34 = Speed in Kts.

A. 1 Knot is = 1.150779 MPH. Did I mention that there will be a test on this later???

A. Yes! We will find something fun to keep them occupied!

A. What happens on the boat --- Stay’s on the boat!!!

A. Yes!!! I like to go for boat rides as well!