Discover Sailing / Training

1:1:13-2Never been on a sailboat???? Let us know, we’ll show you why they are some of the safest vessels afloat!!


Discover Sailing – 2-4 people, learn how a sailboat works, what the parts are and why a sailboat is one of the safest vessels on the water.

Sail Training (also known as bare boat training) – Most programs have a lot of information in a short period of time and offer little practice. We provide small blocks of instruction both didactic and practical over several days.

Prepares you to safely operate a sailboat in average conditions and would qualify you to charter a bare boat. Everyone learns at a different pace, enough time is spent with the students so they understand the material and are proficient with the skills necessary to safely operate a sailboat.

Sail Training rates are determined by the requirements and type of program that is set up.

Discover Sailing, 2 passengers minimum, 4 maximum.